Interested in custom harvesting and processing of cattle? Whether it’s one of ours or one of yours, feel free to contact us to discuss the details!

1990 Center Road, New Franklin, Ohio 44216
(330) 529-4017

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1. How does the pricing work?

Pricing for custom processing is based on the hanging weight of the section you purchase. A price is charged per pound and that price varies depending on whether you purchase one of our cattle or bring in your own. More pricing info can be found on the Pricing page of our website or by calling us at (330) 529-4017.

2. How is my meat packaged after processing?

After processing is completed, your meat will be weighed, vacuum sealed, and labeled so you know what you have and can be sure the quality and flavor are locked in.

3. How long can I freeze the meat I purchase?

We do not recommend freezing your beef for any longer than 12-15 months. While it may not be harmful after that period of time, the quality and the flavor of the meat will diminish.

4. What is the safest way to thaw meat?

When defrosting meat, it’s best to plan ahead and place the product in the refrigerator the day before you plan to cook the meat. Never defrost meat by leaving it on the counter or another room temperature surface.

5. How long should I cook my steak?

Every grill and broiler cook differently so cooking times vary. You can always cook it more but you can’t uncook it once it’s overdone so it’s best to check often and use a meat thermometer if desired. Beef should cook to 130° for rare, 145° for medium, and 160° for well done.

6. How long do I cook a beef roast?

Different cuts of beef will roast differently. Chuck roast and round roast should be cooked slow until tender. Rump roast, tri tip roast, and ball tip roast are great slicing roasts and can be cooked to your preference from rare to well done. You can always speak with a butcher either in the store or by phone if unsure.